“It was a guy who used to work with me who introduced me to WNYC … Listening more, you learn more. You hear more … It’s good to listen—to learn more about life.” — Ali Al Shella, clerk, Sam’s Deli

“I have WQXR playing in the store most of the time. I spend about twelve hours here. This music makes me feel better. And the customers like it! They say I’m the only cleaning place that plays classical music. I would like to restate: The radio is on all the time.” — Aram Gozuvuyukian, owner, Pleasant Cleaners

“Each morning, I attach a Bluetooth speaker to my bike, and, as I’m riding, I’m streaming the app. I love the quality of the stories [on WNYC]. It feels like I’m listening in on a great conversation about what’s happening each day.” — Tom Mullen, Principal, Leaders High School

I probably started listening to WQXR 50 years ago! And I’ve learned about a lot of the things that are going on in New York City—bands and concerts. It alerts me to different things that I might want to participate in or go to.” — Francesca Heller, WQXR member

“Well, I’ve learned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a thing that exists. I’ve learned what runs the financial systems … all sorts of stuff! For now, it’s fun. But who knows? Maybe I’ll become an economist.” — James Tai, podcast listener

“I count on WNYC to keep me company every day! Whether it’s the newscasts, human interest pieces or even listening to music with my daughter on those rainy New York days, I leave my dial on WNYC and never change it. It is the best source for unbiased information, entertainment and a slice of New York as diverse as the city itself.” — Scarlett Johansson, actress

“We are indebted to our grand composers for what they have given us, and we owe it to our children to move them forward—and to make WQXR a viable state-of-the-art classical radio station that will serve as an ever-present respite from a noisy, busy life.” — Kathy Dean, WQXR member

“I’m a barber and I’m proud to be that. And I have created a wonderful clientele. They are intellectuals, business people. They are well-suited for this type of music. Sometimes they come in very hyper—you know, there’s some business they’re thinking about. But they come in, sit down in the chair and they’re going to relax. The late chairman of Morgan Stanley used to come in and say to me, “I want one and a half hours of your time. Just put on your music.” — Salvatore Macri, owner, Salvatore Macri Hair Salon

“Wherever I am, it makes me feel at home. I can turn on WNYC and I know that other people think this is important. It makes me feel connected. I think WNYC is really one of the things that makes New York City such an amazing place. It’s such a special thing.” — Marisa Wu, owner, The Salty Road